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How about a database of AWESOME? Personal, Professional, Organizational.

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Finally! A Social Community dedicated to
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What special offers are being made for ECS Community Members? Check out the Classifieds listings (Below) for find out. If you are interested in introducing your business to the ECS Members, consider creating a classifieds listing.

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The Three Days of Light Gathering “One Event Really Can Change Your Life!”

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What upcoming events are the ECS Community Members seeing? Check out the ECS Events Listings (Below) to find out. If you would like to share your event with the ECS Community Members and Visitors, simply create one HERE

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We are as good as our choices!

How amazing is it that we are even here?


With informative articles, interesting stories, fascinating interviews ECS media was created to help shine a bright light on the world we share and the people we share it with.

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The number one reason we falter… Doubt that we don’t have the resources (WE do), doubt that we don’t know how (WE can learn), and doubt that we are good enough (WE are).

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We celebrate you for all that you are and all that you will do. You and what you create transforms the lives of those around you.

Go Ahead, Brag. It’s deserved!

You, at your best, is GLORIOUS!

This is how we doooo it!

These are the stories of real-life badasses who make amazing thing happen in difficult times. These are OUR stories shared as a testament to our success!

Create a Call to Action!

Want to do something? DO IT! Need some help? CALL IT IN!

Live. Learn. Love. GROW!

Get Paid For Changing The World!

Current’See is the Emergence CreativeSpace’s way of rewarding our community for all the amazing things they get up to. The Current’See program is a point accumulation system that gives points (ECSP’s) for just about everything they do when visiting the ECS Platform, including doing something as simple as logging in!

These points can be put toward discounts on items found in the ECS Marketplace, buying and upgrading event tickets. ECS Points can be traded between members or used for special promotional programs to get the word out about anything you want to give a shot out to. ECSP’s can be traded or used for the goods and services with other Emergence Community Members.

At this point there is no monetary exchange value to ECSP’s. With that said, one of our short term goals is to create a profit sharing model for members where there would be a cash exchange value for ECSP’s. Which are acquired by using this platform. (More info coming soon!)


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