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Hi there, Welcome to a great moment…

Why are we here? How are we doing? Can we do better?
We have a lot of ground to cover so please grab a cup of tea, kick off your shoes, and relax a bit.

My name is Scott Love, and it seems that I have some explaining to do…

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The 4 Pillars: The Foundation
Live, Learn, Love, Grow

We all need guides that points us in the right direction. Gentle reminders that nudge us along the path.

For us at the Emergence CreativeSpace this is “The 4 Pillars”.

The 4 Pillars are the foundation of everything that we believe can guide us on the path toward living in world where justice, freedom, security, and opportunity is the base reality for all beings alive on this planet, Earth.  – READ MORE –

Long Story Short Gist of a 2 Minute Elevator Pitch Condensed Version!

How would you describe an elephant to someone who has never seen one ?

Well, that’s exactly what it’s like trying to explain ECS. It’s unique from anything we’ve seen before.
That’s because, as far as we know, there hasn’t been a platform quite like it.

ECS as created to achieve one goal: Create a space, a platform, that inspires, activates and a celebrates the conscious creators making a difference in the world around them.

The Emergence CreativeSpace is:
– A non-centralized social, personal and professional, networking platform that encourages thoughtful, intentional, connections with other like-minded, inspired community members.
– A magazine and podcast that focuses on sharing the stories of people, groups, and projects that are making a positive impact on the world around them.
– Directories that provide connections and resources that guide us as we navigate our way toward living our best lives.
– Tools & Resources, including the ECS Knowledge Bank and Resource Center, that provide information and present solutions for challenges we may face while creating change.

Community Created Media

Be a part of the ECS Media Team

ECS Magazine

Documenting the Independent Spirit Through Arts, Music, Culture, and Community!

ECS Magazine is the magazine we wish already existed.

The goal of ECS magazine is to be a megaphone and spotlight on the many inspiring people, places, organizations, businesses, and projects, that the world needs to know about.

ECS creates a spotlight on success and helps guide the inspired reader to take action and create their own, continuing, success as we LIVE OUR BEST LIVES!

Our main focus is on what we call The 4 Pillars; Sustainable Living (Sustainability) , Natural Health & Wellness, Personal/Spiritual Development, and Community (Culture & Activism).

With compelling articles, interviews, how to’s, fun facts, amazing media and graphics, ECS Magazine brings the news and information that fill our lives with joy, hope, and inspiration.

We will also not shy away from discussing subject matter that deals with the “shadowy sides” of the scales of life. We do so to bring attention to it and find solutions for these darker topics. You will also find fun and interesting articles on many “Secrets & Mysteries”, because… that’s awesome stuff!

As we work on our individual projects, we are also inspiring others. This is why we opened up article submissions to the entire ECS Emergence Community, so that we can all be witnesses to each others greatness, and can teach one another along the way.

With ECS Magazine, we wish to clearly demonstrate that there are amazing, activated people all over the world, who are dreaming up, scheming up, and beaming up better worlds. We are not alone with our hopes and vision of the future.

Featured Articles

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“Let’s Get Inspired!”

ECS Portals Podcast

“Listeners are transported into the hearts and minds of some of the most inspired creators, producers, artists, and activists around. This is a platform that acts as a spotlight on people, organizations, business and more, who are the unsung heroes making a huge impact on the lives of others.

My name is Scott Love and I will be your host on this journey into the powerful world of intention and conscious creation. I will also be taking a closer look at many of the topics and concepts that capture my imagination and get me excited. Many of which are mysterious, mystical, miraculous and profound. Here’s what’s up… We are a people in transition. The choices we make now will effect lives for generations to come. Our choices will be our legacy. Let’s get inspired!” – ECS Portals Podcast

Living our best lives…

Live Our Best Lives

Really, this is what it all comes down to, isn’t it?

We all desire to live lives that we can feel good about so that, at the end of the day, we can say that we were a part of the solution. Not a part of the problem. We want to feel that our lives mattered. This is honorable.

We have all faced challenges and shadows. We have not always been our best. We fall into habits and patterns that are not the healthiest, to put it mildly. And this ok. Really it is.

We call that the “Finding our feet” phase. It’s part of every journey. When on a path to becoming our best selves, unfortunately, many times we have to find out what doesn’t work, sometimes on repeat, before we find what does.In truth, this is the same story of all of humanity since the down of time.

So it’s important that we move forward with humility, remembering that we are but a small part of a much larger humanity. One that started long before we arrived and will continue, with any luck, long after we are gone.

Our choices will be our legacy.

ECS: Vision & Mission

Or… WHY Emergence CreativeSpace was made.


“Our desire and intention is to live in a world where justice, freedom, security, and opportunity is the base reality for all human.”

This is a world that we have to create with our efforts. For us, it starts with the Emergence CreativeSpace platform and providing access to tools and resources that people can use to usher in change, with action.


“Our Mission is help boost confidence and inspire creativity in the hearts and minds of creators, organizers, and action-ists around the world.”

ECS will do this by being a trusted source for vital information, networking, and resources, that can help inspire and support a more conscious (Thoughtful) global community.

Emergence Community Benefits

  • Emergence Community Members Profile
    • Share your Visions & Projects.
    • Meet like-minded people
    • Find community support
    • Learn from the Tools & Resources library.
  • Publish and Promote
    • Submit content for ECS Magazine
    • Submit content for and be a guest on Portals Podcast.
    • Earn Cash & Current’See Exchange
  • Event Listings | Event Management
    • Promote your event / Sell tickets
    • Find experienced co-creators
    • Apply for ECS Event support services
  • Directories, Classifieds and More
    • Join Professionals Directories
    • Create Classified Listings
    • Join Accountability Teams
    • Sell Goods on ECS Marketplace
  • Special promotions, contests & Giveaways
    • Win Cash & Prizes
    • % off on Event Tickets & more
  • Common-unity Program (TBA)

The Emergence Community

Inspiration! Activation! Celebration

Are you ready to connect with a community that Inspires your creativity, Activates your impulse for a better life, and Celebrates your victories and success with you?

Welcome to The Emergence Community!
ECS is here to promote and support our shared journey as conscious co-creators.

What does that mean?
Well, the Emergence Community is here be a counter-balance to the things we see and experience every day.

ECS is where we go to automatically remember that we can, we were born qualified, and our worth is infinite.


Becoming a member of ECS is Quick and FREE!

2015 Three Days of Light Gathering

Events & Gatherings

What happens when two or more are gathered?
Magic. That’s what happens. Which is why, for many of us, events and gatherings are so important. It’s how we plug-in to something much greater than our everyday lives. It’s where we can let go of all the things that weigh us down, and focus on the very essence of joy. Connection!

It was very important to us that we include a way for members to find events that are “of a certain frequency”, so we created a “Upcoming Events” spotlight.

It was also very important that we encourage members to create their own events and gatherings, and so we made that possible too by including an event publishing platform as part of the list of Tools & Resources that our members can use.

ECS Emergence Community Members can create events on the ECS Platform, share with others, sell tickets, and find co-creators a to come play, all from inside ECS. The events featured in the ECS Coming Events Directory are events that we suggest you take a closer look into.

– Are You hosting a event soon? Then Post Your Event Here –

Emergence Action-ism

Team Building

As we continue to build up ECS we will be presenting several opportunities for our members to participate in contests and campaigns designed to raise awareness and resources for their projects.

Below are just a few of the ideas we have. Members will get news and updates as to when these campaigns start, or you can just look under the “Spotlights” on the navigation menu for “Spotlight: Campaigns”

Virtual Soup: Project incubator and funding mechanism for entrepreneurial and community campaign start-ups.
The Common+Unity Project: Community based marketing & promotional campaign, Income generation, and project funding platform.
ECS C.O.R.E.: Community Organizational Resource Exchange
A resource center for social and community organizations. Providing information, connections, references, and support.
The Visioneering Process: TBA

Tools & Resources

Q) What kills a dream fasting that anything else?
A) A lack of resources, or knowledge on how to used them.

ECS is committed to presenting the Tools & Resources that nourish your dreams, helping them flourish into life-changing projects.

We designed this platform with you in mind.

We understand that research is essential, so we have created a comprehensive knowledge base to assist you. Furthermore, we provide various how-to guides and templates to help you transform your ideas into reality, whether it’s establishing a business, organization, event, or small community gathering.

ECS also recognizes the importance of sharing and promoting them to attract support and assistance. That’s why it offers built-in tools to showcase and present your projects to interested individuals and organizations. To access these features, simply head to the “Tools & Resources” page in the menu once you are logged in as a member.

– Visit the Tools & Resources Page –

Many hands make Light Work

Knowledge Bank and Library

The vision for the ECS Knowledge Bank and Library is that it becomes an integral part of the ECS platform.

There you will discover a wealth of knowledge on various topics, including starting a small business, organizing vending booths at festivals and events, finding a board for your fledgling NPO, and much more.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive database of solutions to just about any challenge that conscious professionals may encounter.

A significant portion of the Knowledge Bank Library is sourced from our members themselves. Calling on their wisdom and experience, what better way to present solutions to members?

What’s more, our provisions extend beyond the realm of professional life.

We have taken the time to compile information and links to numerous social service organizations, programs and projects, that can assist in fulfilling even the most basic needs, such as food, shelter, clothing, mental health support, and healthcare services.

A rising tide lifts all ships!

– Visit the ECS Community Knowledge Bank –

The Emergence Theater Grand Opening – 2008

What kind of future?

Family is the foundation

And so here we are, getting close to the end of this Start Here page. I am getting a tad bit nervous at this point, tbh. I have put a lot of time and energy into creating this page.

That’s your cue…
It’s your time to define what the future looks like. For yourself, your family, the community you are a part of and… well, The Emergence CreativeSpace.

It’s all about fractals, in that what we add to our own lives, we are adding to the entire mix. Everything you ad to your life, you are adding to the world. It may seem like a small, insignificant change, but it’s change none the less. What kinds of change are you bringing?

Create a Free Profile on by using the login/register option in the site navigation menu above and join the ECS Emergence Community and share your story. We want to know. We NEED to know!

What kind of world are you creating?

Alright, are you ready?

Let’s Get Inspired!