Three Days of Light Family Camp Out


September 20, 2024 - September 23, 2024    
All Day


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When I feel into what’s missing in my life, and I am blessed, as it’s a very small list, but on the very top of that list is…
feeling the magic and connection that was once such a constant in my life. The power that was The Three Days of Light Gathering was something that I could never find in any other events I attended, and there were many over the years.

It all comes down to intention and attention. We set the intention of holing the safest sacred space where anyone can participate. We hold open a container where insightful teachers can share their knowledge and experience on subjects ranging from Sustainable Living to Natural Health & Wellness, from Personal/Spiritual Development to Community, Culture & Activsim, we have dubbed these “The 4 Pillars” of Emergence. And they are the root, they very core of how we aspire to shape our lives.

And we play. Oh geez, do we we play! We sing and we dance. We giggle and laugh out loud. And we explore new things that we never thought we would try, let alone leave with a new favorite thing! Be it hooping, or painting, or dancing… whatever. Group participation is our JAM! We let down our reservation and re-discover “that spark”, “that vibe” that shakes up into a renewed awareness that LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!!! (We forget that part sometimes.

We start the day, should you so chose, early, for morning yoga, meditation, and intention setting. From there we hit up any of the several workshops and playshops that will be running every 2.5 hours all day long. We break bread together during two amazing, healthy, vibrant meals together (a light lunch and a dynamic, filling, yummy dinner). From there we group up for evening ceremony and meet our keynote speaker. This usually wraps up around 7:30 and we have an hour and a half to get ready for the coming nights activities.

That’s because 3DL is definitely more than a festival. It is a Healing Retreat, and a Summer Camp for EVERYONE, and a Dance Party in the woods, and a Family Campout, and a conference… 3DL is all this… and yet even more.
It’s home. And I miss it. I miss my friends and extended family.

And I want to see you all again.

So I had a choice… either keep missing my peeps, and I hear from people all the time that they are missing each other too, or I can do something about it by making a few phone calls, sending a few emails, connecting with a property owner.. and stuff like that. Which I enjoy doing anyhow, so that’s no big Whoop.

So I did. And here we are.
I am writing this invitation, to you, to come back into the woods and dance together, play together, laugh, sing, cry and heal together. WE NEED IT! I feel that sooooo much!

So this gathering is really NOT a full on 3DL gathering. We are limited to just 350 people and the schedule for the event match that number of people in attendance. All the same flavors, all our favorite things… Just much more tuned down, with a slower pace and a more intimate vibe all weekend long. Which, to be honest, sounds perfect to me right now.

Doesn’t that sound just absolutely incredible?

This event is meant to be a warm up. A taste if you will, and we do plan on hosting larger events again, maybe in 2024, who knows? After the past few years, and us having to scrap what was looking like, potentially, a stellar and ground breaking 3DL 20/20 Vision Gathering, due to, you know what (It was 2020…!) we have learned not to hold too tightly to “Plans”. But we do have something we would like to do.

Until then… mark it on your calendar. September 20th through the 23rd. Road trip to Anderson, South Carolina. Just 1 hour and 45 minutes from Asheville, and 2 hours from Atlanta. How sweet is that?

Anyhow, tickets will go on sale March 21st, 2024 and there will be one price until they are sold out. That price is $250 for the all three days, including meals and beverage/snack bar and all participants get a healing pass that will get them introductory sessions with 8 different Healing Village participants, including energy clearing, body work, anxiety and stress release sessions, and more.

Kids are not only welcome, we encourage their being there. Kids tickets are half price. Under 10 are free.
Vets get get 33% off,  as do anyone 65 years old or older.


We are an amazing community. We are inspired, and we are inspiring. And when we set out to create an event that does nothing short of changing lives, that’s exactly what we do. And the Three Days of Light Family Camp Out will continue this tradition.
Come reconnect with old friends and meet some new ones. Strangers become friends, friends become family!

This event is being held as a fund raiser for The Emergence CreativeSpace project, the 3 Creeks Camp and Nature Preserve and will support the artists, co-creators, and others, who have become a part of the Emergence & 3DL community over the years, while helping us launch into the new with clean slates and big dreams! (Visit EmergenceCreative.Space for more info on that!

Includes: Event pass and access to Healing Modalities Village, 22 workshops, 11 playshops, 12 musical performances, 3 keynote speakers, Yoga and Movement sessions, guided meditations, 3 Points of Light activity spaces, Kids and Family activities and a whole lot of exciting surprises we are keeping to ourselves because we want to keep you guessing… Ha! JK… but for real… we do have some special things instore and want it all to surprise you. They are SUPER fun though!

Full Access Tickets start at $300, unless you are an ECS Beacons Community Member, Beacons get $50 off their tickets.




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Full Access Event Pass $359.64 0
Merchant Row Vending Pass (10x10)
The Merchants Row is where you can find all the incredible Artisans and Venders. This permit gives you the chance to set up your 10x10 vending space, which will be connected to your camping space, also in the merchants row. This Pass is to be purchased IN ADDITION TO a full access Event Pass. If you would like at 10x20 double size lot then you will need to purchase 2 MRVP's in this order.
$119.88 0

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